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Taylor Coleman-Underwood, Sedona REALTOR®

Susan Deierling, Sedona Luxury Real Estate ProfessionalTaylor Coleman-Underwood grew up in a real estate family, a business that was nearly second nature to him by the time he earned his own license in his early 20s. But even as a young boy, “TJ” had realized that, if he was already good at something that came naturally, hard work and added learning could lead to greatness.

His self-imposed high standards led him to excel beyond his years in everything he touched, from becoming the only freshman to sit first chair in an all-state band in music to dominating the ice on a hockey rink.

When it came to his career, TJ didn't waste any time aiming for the top. Already a top-producing agent, he has already joined the ranks of the best of the best by becoming the youngest member ever accepted into the prestigious Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals group.

But there’s a part of real estate that can’t be taught, and that shines through in his passion for helping his clients reach their own high goals. Like a chess master thinking several moves ahead, TJ doesn’t just listen to what his clients are looking for, he anticipates where that will lead them and how to get them there, helping their dreams take form.

TJ’s knowledge of the dynamic Sedona real estate market, his exacting standards and his warm personality have made him a trusted partner for both buyers and sellers. His humble nature may lead some to underestimate him, but experience has taught him that can be a superpower. Because at the end of the day, his highest measure of success is in that of his clients, and he never loses sight of that prize.




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